Villages by ardera, CCJam 2014

Villages is a city planning game. It did not appear to be finished (or remotely functional) on submission; however, development continued after the CCJam.Get it now:
GitHub repo

- No fancy thing telling me i need an advance computer
+ Errors are catched
- Redundant startup file
- Could not get the game to do anything sane
? Log and test are just there to look fancy!
- Written in something beyond Cruors comprehension
Edit: It is now beyond Cruors comprehension, and he belives it is a tained syntax that should not be used, ever.
- Code is not readable at all in my opinion
- Code uses the most tainted Lua syntax that exists
- The fact that the Lua parser even runs it is a shame
= Did not pass
Due to not doing anything sane, and for using tainted syntax

out of 10out of 10out of 10out of 10
Code is advanced and clean, good use of OOP as well
Could not figure out how to do, well, anything...
Interface looks OK but can't test it