projectX by Zambonie, CCJam 2014

projectX is an alternative shell program. Although the only differences from the default shell are purely grapical, the project's future plans are much more ambitious.Get it now:
GitHub repo

- No fancy thing telling me i need an advance computer
- Title Case Text When It Couldn't Find A Program
- Does nothing that the "About" file says
- Does not have any advantages over the regular shell
+ Code is readable, but it's not really any advanced, thus readability should be a given
- defines functions to do stuff that Lua allready has (and Lua has very few built-ins...)
= Passed
Redundant in my opinion, could not really see what it does that CC doesnt allready do
Still let it pass incase i missed something, but im not impressed

out of 10out of 10out of 10out of 10
Seems very incomplete
Essentially just a standard shell with a different launch message and different error message