SimpleScript by Lignum, CCJam 2014

SimpleScript is an alternative scripting language for ComputerCraft.Get it now:
GitHub repo

Both judges found your entry creative and semi-easy to pick up. I hope you do well again next time!

- The CLI reacts weird to arrow keys
- Weird syntax
- Not really any advantages over CC Lua prompt
- Not enough fool proofness, got error from the lexer when i forgot to call a function
- No boolean operators (not that i could find atleast), had to use a if statement to print if the computer was from stone age
= Passed, Creative, feels kind of weird but it is still nice (Yes, i actually liked it, regardless of all the bad points)

out of 10out of 10out of 10out of 10
Code is very good
The syntax of the language is unique and interesting, easy to pick up on
Could use user-defined functions, but given the time frame it is quite an impressive piece of work